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“Get A Grip” Reader Reviews…
Get A Grip is just that. Don’t let this small book fool you. It’s a powerful tool not just for beginners but also for mature saints. It reminds us why we believe as well as reminds us of our foundation. It is a great self-study as well as a teaching tool. It is a must-read.
This book is the ‘Truth’! If you don’t know how to explain your faith, “Get A Grip” gives clear insight and information that is easy to understand, express, and share with anyone. Understanding what you believe and why you believe it is why “Get A Grip” is an awesome tool and a must-have for Kingdom growth!
This book, “Get A Grip” is one of the most helpful books I’ve read on knowing the faith of a Christian, ever! As a leader, it is an invaluable aid for guiding and growing new babes in Christ, as well as the matured that never got a good foundational understanding of the faith. Every church and leader needs this aid in their arsenal to equip the saints!
This book was both humbling and educating. It helped me understand the basic belief of the Christian faith, it helped me grasp and understand the biblical and spiritual parts of faith as a follower of Jesus. It showed me how to study God’s word, providing scriptures to search and describe. I’ve read it twice, and both times I’ve learned something different while enhancing what it taught before. This is an awesome book especially if you don’t truly understand how the Christian faith works, you will after reading this book. You will grow spiritually.